Monday, June 16, 2008

Save money, shop local!

Dear Chamber Members,

As I watch the prices of gas increase almost daily, I am reminded about the ever growing concern over the cost of living. I hear people complain about it, and yet (myself included) we all still fill up our cars (many of us with a truck or SUV) and drive to work and anywhere else we need to go.

And many of us are still opting to drive to Coeur d'Alene or Spokane to buy the things they "need". As a family, we have determined that whenever possible we will stay here and purchase goods & services, and almost always with a Chamber member.

Recently we calculated the cost (per diaper) to drive to Costco to purchase a box of Huggies. Yes folks, that's right, it is actually cheaper to buy them here in town (when you figure in your fuel costs). It's a shocker, right? People tend to think buying in bulk will save you, but in the case of our community it actually costs significantly more to drive out of town.

Again, I would like to offer a plea to not only our chamber members, but to our entire community. Please think twice before you head out of town for food, entertainment, groceries, clothing, household items, etc. Remember the cost is more than the ticket.

The cost is wear and tear on your car, cost of your time, the cost of fuel, and above all, the cost of fostering a healthy and vibrant local economy. Please, shop locally and of course, support your fellow Chamber members whenever possible.

Thank you.