Monday, January 6, 2014

Looking forward to 2014- Sandpoint Business Improvement District

Good afternoon, Sandpoint Business Improvement District members:
My name is Kim Queen, and I am the recently hired Business Improvement District (now B.I.D., formerly DSBA) Manager for Sandpoint.  I am writing to you today to introduce myself, and also to supply some information on how the B.I.D. functions, and what you can expect from us in the coming year.
Unlike the former DSBA, the B.I.D. is no longer a ‘stand-alone’ agency.  The B.I.D. has an oversight Council with representatives from the 9 identified sectors of the District: Restaurants, Education, Real Estate, Professional/Banking/Law, Health Care, Retail, Arts/Entertainment, Lodging, and At Large/Miscellaneous.  This Council also has 4 Ad Hoc members representing the City of Sandpoint, Bonner County Economic Development Corporation, the Sandpoint Urban Renewal Agency, and a member of the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. 

The B.I.D. is now managed by the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce, utilizing the talents of a well-trained team committed to promoting all Sandpoint has to offer, to locals and visitors alike.  This large team has recently completed a 2014 Strategic Plan for the B.I.D., with time-specific deliverables. To view the deliverables document, please click here

The B.I.D. Manager and Chamber team are currently streamlining administrative tasks involved in running the District with 400+ active members (as in, creating a member database, and designing a new, user-friendly and up-to-date website), as well as promoting the entire District through multi-media advertisement opportunities and numerous events aimed at drawing potential customers to the B.I.D. – and keeping them there!
In celebration of 40 years of the Winter Carnival, the B.I.D. will be promoting Sandpoint by reprising the Winter Carnival Parade of Lights on Friday evening, February 21st.  We are working with numerous community partners to provide more than a week of family-friendly events to showcase our amazing town during a time that is historically ‘slow’, as far as business/income opportunities go.  This is one of several public events your B.I.D. dollars support, to further the vision a vibrant downtown benefits EVERYONE.
More information will be coming your way soon on how you can get involved in upcoming events, quarterly financial reporting on how the B.I.D. is utilizing funds,  as well as communications regarding some of the different items on the agenda at City Council potentially effecting your business (such as sign codes, parking issues, etc.).  Please keep an eye out for e-mails with FROM THE B.I.D. DESK in the subject line – it’s not SPAM!  
Thank you, I look forward to working with you all.

Kim Queen, Manager
Sandpoint Business Improvement District
Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce