Monday, June 9, 2014

Chamber Welcomed UPS Store - Sandpoint

The Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce is excited to welcome the UPS Store- Sandpoint. Located at 217 Cedar St, The UPS Store – Sandpoint has been a family business in Sandpoint for 19 years and carries on the tradition with the Batchelor’s.

Brett and Joy Batchelor recently purchased the UPS Store – Sandpoint from Bill Clatworthy and are excited to be serving Sandpoint in a new way. The UPS Store – Sandpoint has broken the mold to the well-known shipping store and offers printing and copying, as well as Secured Document Destruction. As owners of Busy Beaver Graphics and Promotions, they make the UPS Store – Sandpoint a place for more than just shipping, it is a place to come to for many areas of your personal and professional needs like graphics, promotional items and more.

“We’re much more than shipping. Whether you need business cards, brochures, flyers or to print off an email, come use our public computer to make copies and your printing needs, plus we’ll get it to you at the best prices in our area,” said owner Brett Batchelor. “Identity theft is tragically on the rise but there are sure fire ways to combat it, one being document shredding. Bring your documents to us for the most affordable secured document destruction in town.”

The UPS Store – Sandpoint has new hours. They are open Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm and Saturday from 8am-4pm. They are also one of the few places you can do your USAA deposits with our new check scanner.

“We’re still a great shipping resource for local businesses, especially the retail sector, and visitors alike. If someone has purchased too much for their carryon, send them down to us so we can ship their favorite Sandpoint items back home for them. Lately, we’ve been told we have some of the funniest greeting cards in town.”

Please join the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce in welcoming UPS Store- Sandpoint and wishing them continued success in our community. For more information, give them a call 263-0261, visit them at their store at 217 Cedar St, email them at and Like them on Facebook.  

In photo left to right: Kate McAlister, Chad Beck, Brett Batchelor, Joy Batchelor, Representative George Eskridge, Jim Lovell, Clem Hackworthy and Chuck Brewster. 

Makerspaces are community centers with tools

Message from Matthew Williams: 

Makerspaces are community centers with tools. Makerspaces combine manufacturing equipment, community, and education for the purposes of enabling community members to design, prototype and create manufactured works that wouldn't be possible to create with the resources available to individuals working alone due to being prohibitively expensive. These types of spaces are united in the purpose of providing access to equipment, community, and education, and we plan on tailoring ours to services to Sandpoint based on the feedback we receive from the survey.

Sandpoint doesn't currently have anything like this and we think it would be a worthwhile asset to our community and helping entrepreneurs and students have access to the latest manufacturing and design technology.

We're trying to gauge if this would be a worthwhile endeavor based on interest from the community.

Here is a link to the survey.

Thank you,

Matt Williams (208.610.3589)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Idaho Club Golf Course - Up For Auction - Economic Impact Opportunity

Message via Cheryl Piehl:

The county has taken tax deed to the Idaho Club Golf Course and other parcels in the subdivision.  I am trying to share the auction information which is scheduled for 7/9.  Not only do we to recoup Bonner County tax dollars, but also possibly help improve the community by having a operating golf course that may produce jobs both in the real estate market and resort areas.  I am looking for  assistance getting the word out.  

Attached is our website address for tax sale information -

Chamber Honors Kokanee Coffee

The Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize the Kokanee Coffee as the May Business of the Month.

“The company chosen by the Chamber Ambassadors this month is a fairly new to our area company but they’ve already made a major in our community,” said Ken Wood. “They’ve become a favorite gathering place for locals and out-of-towners alike. They provide a really unique atmosphere there is comfortable and inviting.”

“The owners are passionate about coffee… and take great pride in not only the product but also the service they provide. When you go in there, it is like you’re in an episode of Cheers.”

“The other reason they were nominated was the fact for how much they do for the community. From Special Olympics, to local schools, sports teams and arts like POAC, Angela said ‘I need to know how to say no, I can’t so no to all these wonderful things.’ They’ve done a ton for our community in the three short years they’ve lived here.”

Please join the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce in congratulating Kokanee Coffee for their award and thanking them for their commitment to our community. For more information, call them at 208-597-7831, visit their website, Like them on Facebook or email them at

In photo: Ken Wood, Angela Reese & Rosa Ibanez. 

Chamber Honored Dr. Bob Carlson as May Volunteer of the Month

The Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce honored Dr. Bob Carlson as May’s Volunteer of the Month. Dr. Carlson has been an internist and given back to the community for more than two decades. Dr. Carlson has served in our community and connected our communities in many ways.

“He went to Colorado and saw this vision and thought ‘Why can’t we have this’, which was bike trails”, said Angela Oakes.

He later envisioned connecting our communities and our ability to convert rails to trails with our in town. Him and his wife helped to create North Idaho Bikeways and has given us lighted bike paths in many places, plus access to Sagle and Dover by bike path.

“Dr. Carlson has also been recognized by Rotary as a Paul Harris fellowship, and that is to honor his service above self,” added Angela. “At the same time when you’re giving, you’re getting a lot back. As a community, we’ve gotten a lot back from him.”

Please join the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce in congratulating Dr. Bob Carlson, May’s Volunteer of the Month, and thanking him for all of his contributions and dedication to our community. From the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce, as well as the whole community, Thank You!