Friday, November 30, 2012

Chamber Honors Barbara Gooby

The Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce honored Barbara Gooby, as November’s Volunteer of the Month for her service to our community at the November General Membership Luncheon where the State of the Cities Address was being held. For those of you who have been in Sandpoint long enough to consider yourself “local”, you probably have had contact with Barbara, as she has been a successful business woman in our community since 1971. Barbara has spent her lifetime serving our area through various community service projects and for that, she is honored by the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce as our Volunteer of the Month.

Barbara’s reach is one that extends to many places of the Greater Sandpoint area. She was a great help in starting one of the first “Women in Business” organizations for this area. She has been a major fundraising/sponsor collector for the Shriner’s year after year. As well as, spending countless hours serving the Girl Scouts organization and is currently a member of the Community Assistance League (CAL). For five years, Barbara even fought the drug trade to make sure it was kept out of the schools and away from the youth in our area.

These days, Barbara’s passion is now focused around our local area seniors. Barbara recently came out of retirement to take on the role of Marketing Director for the local area Senior Center. 

When asked why, Barb said “it was because I saw an obvious need to help our area Seniors. For those unaware, our local senior center has suffered through some fiscal challenges for a number of years, especially in this economy.  Many of our local seniors rely heavily on the meals provided and the companionship offered through our local senior center.”

When Barbara took over the role 4 months ago, the Senior Center was in the red and her assistance in fundraising and grant writing has essentially helped “right the ship”.  For those of you who attended the recent fundraising dinner, you saw firsthand the success of this event, with people waiting in line to be part of it.  What you didn’t see was the amount of effort, the countless hours, and hard work that went into planning the event in such a short amount of time of which Barbara was a major part of these efforts.

Please join the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce in congratulating Barbara Gooby for being honored as the November’s Volunteer of the Month and thanking her for all of her contributions to our community. Her hard work has done a lot for so many causes in our community. From the Greater Sandpoint Chamber as, Thank You!

Photo: Barbara Gooby accepts the award from Chamber Board Member Ken Wood.