Monday, May 5, 2014

Chamber Welcomes Dr. Mark William Cochran, Holistic Chiropractor

The Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce is excited to welcome Dr. Mark William Cochran, Holistic Chiropractor. He is located in the Selkirk Professional Building in downtown Sandpoint on the corner of 4th & Pine St, 101 N. 4th Avenue, Suite 105. He’s been practicing Chiropractic work in north Idaho since 2001, starting in downtown Coeur d’Alene, and moved to Sandpoint in 2009. While his office here is growing, he still maintains one day a week in his office in Hayden.

“As a holistic chiropractor, I work with health conscious, holistic minded people – who happen to be struggling with pain or injury – to heal their pain and reclaim their health and well-being from the inside out,” said Dr Cochran. “The adjustments I provide are gentle, precise, comfortable, safe and effective. My office has a warm, pleasant and healing atmosphere, not a clinical one.”

 Dr. Cochran takes a deeply holistic approach to healing, health and well-being by working with every person's own unique "Doctor Within."

 "To me, you are much more than just a collection of symptoms and problems; you are a whole, vibrant, living being with an amazing capacity to heal from the inside out. I form a partnership with you and your Doctor Within to address your health challenges, but more importantly, to help you heal, grow and thrive. Together, we will empower your potential, not your problems."

If you are health conscious and committed to living a healthy life, even if you presently happen to be struggling with pain, injury or some other health challenge, give Dr. Cochran a call because he is excited to assist you with your healthy life.

Dr. Cochran graduated from the University of Idaho in 1980 and is a retired US Marine Corps officer. After he got out of the service, he went on to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2001. He is also an award winning author of Oby's Wisdom! A Caveman's Simple Guide to Holistic Health and Wellness, named "Finalist" in the 2013 Best Indie Book Awards.

Please join the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce in welcoming Dr. Mark William Cochran, Holistic Chiropractor and wishing him continued success in our community. For more information, give Dr. Mark William Cochran at 208-304-2330, email him at or visit his website

Photo left to right: Kim Queen, Dr. Gabrielle Duebendorfer, Dr. Mark William Cochran, Fred Ebner, Krystle Shapiro, Larry Davidson, Susan Arina Miller, Gerald Porter and Carol Warren. Not pictured: Clif Warren.